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Colortrac Software

Some software installs are no longer updated and used an older installation package, so could be seen as a false positive virus, so could be blocked by your company virus protection, see bulletin 63


HASP Driver

Adobe PDF reader

IT8 files (zipped)

*Needs a password from Colortrac Support to extract zipped files


ScanWorks User Guide

Scanner Software Requirements & Compatibility Chart

*Dongle Required to operate

(RN) = Release Note

Software Support Site HASP Driver Adobe PDF Reader SmartWorks Pro v1.9.7.0* RN SmartWorks Profiler RN SmartWorks TOUCH v1.4 RN SmartWorks EZ v1.0.5 SmartWorks EZ Touch v2.1.9.0 SW TOUCH MFP v1.3 RN SmartLF EZ v1.0.5 CopySmart* ScanWorks v2.4.7.6 IT8 Files (zipped) SmartWorks Pro User Guide Copysmart User Guide TOUCH Software Users Guide ScanWorks User Guide Scanner Software Requirements & Compatibility Chart Colortrac Suppliers Hasp Dongle Tester*